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What are high quality digital printing methods

  with the ink and toner technology advances, digital print quality has been the unprecedented increase.
when people buy digital printing solutions, often in key indicators such as rated speed trap. People's attention is likely to be the printer head and attracted by the resolution of the latest progress, because these are, after all, on the surface and more fancy stuff.
but anyway, supplies are still printing a necessary and important part of the equation. Ink, toner and substrate choices directly determine the resolution of the image and clients living requirements.
advance printing development
some of you may be thinking: "toner toner", their basic structure is the same. Toner everywhere in our lives, we should easily be able to get them. It's like flying a plane pilot. As long as the ink box well and turn on the switch, the printer can begin production.
about the toner is a little more complicated. Used in digital printing solutions toner products there are a variety of large and small differences. At least, they all have their different shapes and sizes.
polyester as raw material of aggregated toner has become more and more popular these days, and because of their strong adhesion, production at high speed, and overall performance is outstanding. This has got a Kodak Photo materials Imaging Group Sales Manager ChuckHavens ArunChowdry and technical development manager's approval.