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Printing version of the print edition of the three-State solution

  in the process of printing plates, sometimes caused by plate exhaust is not printed version of substandard conditions.
especially when making prints, negatives, PS and the residual part of the plate glass air, resulting in them not the three Omni-directional close together, causing plate exposure, the light does not function properly through the film shine on the PS version of the photosensitive layer, the plates are made of flowers.
, I have several in my usual work solutions, now summarize for members ' reference.
1, percussion
When printer in normal pumping time of pumping, the operator found bottom slab between the glass panels and parts when the exhaust gases, swim or gather or scatter there, and the air pump is pumping enough.
this case, the operator can use percussion, that is used to make glass plates for the moderate, in the case of plate while pumping and operation personnel while the air district beats on the glass surface, trapped air as possible to spread out, not together.
it is best to keep up with the proliferation of air behind the glass plates, enabling them to spread as much as possible, so coupled with the air pump, the air will soon be out of the range of film, you can play a multiplier role. Never ran to the front of the proliferation of air to hit the glass, so that just made the air gathered together again.
If the rattling still does not succeed in the normal order, it is best to prolong the pumping time, can also be satisfied with the results. Now the printer is programmed, under normal circumstances, secondary air is not going to affect the entire plate, so that the operators have sufficient time to beat.
This is the case, mainly due to a larger negative area, the operator didn't check in the film negatives and whether the PS version of the positively snap. Sometimes film is spelled on the base, which also have some space between them, this will also cause the above mentioned phenomenon, its approach and it said the same.

2, tile method when operations personnel film, if he is careful, he sometimes finds that negative positive contact with the PS version is not tight enough, it is negative in the PS version of the uneven surface. When closing the glass box and start pumping, will appear in the percussion say pumping is not like.
similar problems can be resolved before the first film provides a good, fixed with a plastic cloth, and then fixed with one hand, the other hand gently in order to pave the film carefully, between the film and the PS version fit tight and pressed glass box on and then start pumping.
there is a similar situation, the main reason is the negative area is too large, or operators in the process of passing negative human factors, such as volume up damaged film negatives. Preventive measures is made before passing the plate flat into a bag so that it does not bend, then film in the platemaking process also does not affect the quality of printing.
3, padded paper
when the operator find the printer on the elasticity of rubber air cushion cloth is low, padded paper methods can be used to solve, the pad of paper in 80g double adhesive tape. Pad of paper it should be noted that the pad of paper is best used, rather than splicing; just below the pad of paper in PS version, not sideways and cushion blanket against her.
work should be based on the actual situation when, one by one slowly try and paper, not any sudden increase in many (in my experience up to 6), which can damage the printer, sometimes even by the pad of paper and glass is crushed. Gradually increase pad of paper can make the glass plate has an adaptive process, this is also conducive to operations personnel, may not be easily damaged glass.
with the pad of paper gradually increased, can be disguised to increase the elasticity of rubber air cushion cloth, so it needed to reach the plate, also enables the operator to accumulate a certain amount of work experience for later use. Appeared similar of situation, problems out in Sun version machine aspects:
① due to cushion rubber cloth by long-term using has lost has normal work by needed of elastic, first emergency measures is added pad paper to make up its stretch, furthermore is after replaced cushion rubber cloth;
II applies appeared has problem, caused pumping gas insufficient, makes cushion rubber cloth cannot normal work, processing of approach is first should added pad paper to instead of pumping gas of insufficient, second is repair or replaced applies.