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Printing on ceramic decoration coloring agents and printing techniques

  ceramic slab Clay colored glaze, coloring, coloring and glaze under the glaze coloring in several ways. Colouring agents are divided into:
slab mud stains: pigment mixed with bad burn. Which require this type of coloring agent for performing the work, not any reaction; glaze coloring agent: used to decorate blanks firing blanks or firing of porcelain, applying glaze and glaze on it. Requirements under normal firing temperature must not react with glaze and shall not flow or pattern of fuzzy; glaze coloring agent: for decorative glaze products surface decoration, require relatively low firing temperatures (700~900℃) can be securely attached to the under glaze on the surface, cannot penetrate into the glaze and flow.
indirect ceramic decorating processes
indirect ceramic decorating process consists of ceramic glaze decal and ceramic decals two process. Indirect method of
(printing) make a ceramic decal
there are 3 kinds of production of ceramic decal printing methods, namely, hand-carved copper gravure gravure decal paper for ceramic, offset film stickers and decal screen printing films.
decal decals on ceramic glaze process is divided into class
decal decals on ceramic glaze art different transfer decals decal and transfer spending film can be divided into two categories.
organic binders to use when decorating, decorating should be how to deal with
with applique, hand colored, screen printing method using organic adhesive when ceramic decoration, the binder at the beginning of color burn duration should be gradually evaporate or burn, and before the initial flux must be the complete elimination of the printing plant.