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Comparison of ink-jet printing and screen printing which is better

  silk screen printing (screenprinting) plates to form a network, printing inks on the printing plate when scraping under the pressures from the layout via part of the stencil to the substrate, and print job has completed printing.
ink-jet printing (ink-jetprinting) is a non-contact, no pressure, no printed version of the printing technology. It has no common features of digital printing, variable information printing can be achieved.
a, and two species printing way introduction
1. inkjet printing
(1) inkjet printing of principle
inkjet printing way has many species, its principle are is will computer storage of graphic information first entered to inkjet press, again through special of device, in computer of control Xia, by nozzle to printer real surface Jet fog-like of ink drops, according to charge effect in printer real surface directly imaging, became eventually of print.
(2) classification of ink-jet printing
① classified by ink-jet system
inkjet printing fundamentals are the first to produce smaller droplets, and then guided to the set position. According to the different ink-jet system, can be divided into both continuous and on-demand.
-continuous inkjet printing (CIJ), whether printed or non-printed, are continuously in a flowing manner to produce ink droplets, and then through the electric field deflects transfer form an image, finally, non-printed ink recycling or dispersed.
ink-jet printing on demand (DOD), and only in part of the image to produce ink droplets. Designed for printing good quality images, suitable for packaging, textile printing and large format Billboard, is ideal for full color, high resolution printing, print quality is the most important consideration.
II by printing color categories
inkjet printing, the printing color ink-jet printing can be divided into black and white and color ink-jet printing of two. Black and white ink-jet printing single, machine structure and ink systems are relatively simple, while color ink-jet printing is more complicated.
(1) principle
modern screen printing screen printing technology is the use of photosensitive material making screen printing by photomechanical method (on the screen part of the mesh holes for through-hole, rather than part of the mesh holes are blocked). Printed by scraper squeeze, so that the ink through the graphic part of the mesh transferred to the substrate, formed the original text.
(2) screen printing composition and characteristics
screen printing equipment consists of five main elements, namely, screen, squeegee scraper, inks, printing and substrate. Screen printing equipment simple structure, convenient operation, simple and low cost of printing, plate making, and adaptability. Screen printing application a wide range of printed materials also has a lot of, such as color paintings, posters, business cards, binding covers, product labels and printing and dyeing textile.