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Analysis the reason for printing machines crashed and its countermeasures

  printing machines once the panic down, serious consequences will, generally, resulted in a great picture set aside, not a small loss. Crash fault refers to the sudden automatically stops printing in the printing process, resulting in this complex, the following specific analysis of death causes of faults and countermeasures.
fine/>, crash types are divided into 2 categories: one is completely panic, is a sport system stopped working; the other is not completely crash, performance data for printing interrupted, but the system still works which brought harm and losses greater than the former.
when freezing occurs, the entire system is in disarray, you must restart the device and software. If such failures are rare there is normal (to err is human, machine? ), But often have problems.
II, analyze the causes
causes the printer to panic due mainly to 4:1, mechanical failure; 2, interference; 3, software failure; 4, circuit failure, same printer there may be several reasons, want to examine the judgment in order to pinpoint reasons. Below details:
(1) mechanical failure:
: nozzle car sport track obstruction or lack of power, which hardly appears on new equipment, using longer device may occur. Check belt is off motor, nozzle car separate from the motor, and then hand pushed trolley, if movement is not smooth the track or the slider should be replaced, because the resistance of the car larger, can cause electrical disorder and panic.
II: head motor fault; this type of failure is causing the lockup more inkjet nozzle AC and DC motors can be divided into 2 types. AC fail less, common in use longer due to wear and tear caused to panic. DC fail more, not only because of the wear and tear can cause panic, but different unexpected fault occurs, frustrating.
(2) interference
inkjet printer sources of interference include outside interference and jamming in the machine. Interference within this main analysis:
a, data transmission interference: do not have shielded data cables or poor shielding vulnerable as a result of interference of instability and should therefore be made of good quality data cable, specifically fiber has excellent resistance to dry around the property, but not to frequent bending of the sports environment.
b, sparks disturbances: If prone to sparking components are used in printing machines and will cause a lot of unexpected failure.
(3) software
software system is the brain printer command, as you can imagine, something wrong with the brain, you can run well! Software problems happen on the piece.
Summary: choose to buy inkjet printer, need to know more about its properties and parameters, try to buy one brand models. Using observations, found irregularities should be noticed in time, and take measures to deal with printing.