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Analysis on the advantages of non-gel coated

  usually is covered with plastic film in the form, such as the use of solvent-based glue. Water-glue and hot-melt glue coating films are hot. Without adhesive coating is different from this, it does not use conventional biaxially oriented polypropylene film (OPP), which utilizes high pressure polyethylene PE film, PE film has good hot-melt plastic. PE after special treatment is one side of the membrane, with no glue machine PE film hot melt on a composite color print paper.
this non-gel coating can withstand rubbing and not foaming, can withstand temperatures of 20~120℃, and capable of rolling, cutting and so on. In hot rollers and PE film between the pad into a layer of support materials, after glueless laminating machines, from auxiliary materials open coated products. Due to the use of different materials, so the film with a PE film. Matte coated products such as film, laser film.
this items technology of advantages is obviously, due to without rubber, greatly reduced has cost; in production in the not exists easily volatile and penetration of harmful gas, ensure security; test proved, easily recycling; the technology using of shouted of thickness lower, in hot melt State Xia this a thickness of rubber, below has rubber covered film of rubber layer thickness, so operation Shi only needed smaller of pressure, without wipe powder. Printing non-gel coating technology is a PE coating on the market of a process of innovation.