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Teach you the paper static removal method

  teaches you the paper static electricity cause analysis
static friction is the major cause of the paper. Many object charged is caused by friction, with calender friction paper paper, printing paper and rubber roller, the imprint of the friction between the, are an important factor to generate static electricity.
nuclei for electrons of different substances bound to is not the same as, or have different affinities for electronic properties. When two different materials in close contact, open electronic side due to the weak binding of the electron, some electrons through the interface attached to the electronic side of the surface. This electron transfer results will form a double layer at the interface. Then if the two substances are quickly separated, open electronic party loses some electrons and positively charged Pro-electronic party negatively due to getting some electronic. This is the nature of friction.
paper into the printing house after storage inventory method, storage time should be appropriately longer, communicated with the print shop location better, with temperatures in 60%~70% 18~25℃, relative humidity for the best. Allows the printing of temperature, humidity and paper library, help to change the moisture content of the paper. Changes in moisture content of the paper is the process of release of static electricity.
2, dry paper (and wet)
is mainly used to adjust humidity method to eliminate static electricity. When the relative humidity in the workshop is less than 50%, for printing or plate making process can have a very high degree of static electricity, increased relative humidity and moisture content of the paper in the workshop, in particular increase the indoor relative humidity in dry paper is effective in eliminating static electricity. Available humidity devices increasing indoor relative humidity without moisture control equipment can be sprinkled on the ground when enough water.
moisture control equipment is a humidifier in the workshop of centrifugal automatic humidifier installed on the ceiling or wall. When the indoor relative humidity does not meet requirements, the humidifier can spray a mist of water vapor, increasing indoor relative humidity, indoor relative humidity to achieve requirements, automatically stops the spray.
3, static elimination method
ions generated static Eliminator and charge on a charged body in order to achieve the objective of eliminating static electricity. Electrostatic elimination device has three species type: a is outside Shi voltage type electrostatic elimination device, to needle-like or thin-like electrode outside imposed high voltage, occurred electric Halo discharge produced ion, General press Shang with of transistor electrostatic elimination device on is this class; II is since discharge type electrostatic elimination device, put conductive fiber, and conductive rubber or conductive metal, made needle-like or thin-like electrode and is good to grounding, using charged body itself of farm produced electric Halo discharge generated ion, neutralization charged body Shang of charge; three is radioactive elements except static electrical, Ion is generated using radioisotope ionization is ionization of air, and charged of static electricity.
4, antistatic Agent
antistatic agent and antistatic agent or electric remover. The principle is to charged surfaces such as paper, film moisture absorption of ions, making it hydrophilic, absorbs moisture from the air, reducing resistance, increased electrical conductivity, static charge is not easy money. Antistatic agents, surfactants, are hydrophilic and hydrophobic or polar and non-polar. The hydrophilic polar substances such as water affinity, and hydrophobic oil polarity smaller objects, such as strong affinity. Antistatic agent is widely used in printing, such as antistatic agent used to prevent static electricity of soft rollers.
5, process method of
in the printing process in the delivery of parts with wet towels, wet towel will be fixed on the rod, so that the paper after contact with the damp towel and eliminate static electricity, which is to eliminate static electricity temporarily but effective way, the disadvantage is often wet towels.