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Teach you how to reflect the difference in printing plant printing

  teaches you how to reflect different printing
1. using FM screening, 4-color +2 color
FMsix printing mode, in 2002 by the Netherlands M.Y.Cartons company developed, in the United Kingdom on the IPEX 2002 appearance. Specifically, which uses FM screening, usually outside the 4-color process ink, add Orange, blue, green and three unique ink. Because it is a 6 color print, so in the midst of three, to adopt the "Orange and blue" or "the Orange and the green" two-colored to match.
according to the FM screen +4 ink +2 ink mode, Basic you can bring out the 85% of the tone reproduction, which replaced the spot-color printing. This is mainly developed to cut a spot color. Its most prominent feature, rely only on line, and the image is with 4-color plate. Development process of Creo, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, MAN Roland
world famous companies, such as collaborative. Today, this printing technology for the packaging printing companies increase productivity and contribute to increasing added value.
Metal FX in 2003 by United Kingdom Metal FX Technology developed. Public performances at the Drupa 2004, it is outside of the CMYK inks, and silver inks, to reproduce all kinds of metal transfer in 5-color ink color. Become a new means of pursuing a differentiated market access.
, including silver ink, it can be broken down into 5 color, 5-color dot print. However, steam 4-color printing on coated paper will also gain metal tone of the effect, but the higher cost of raw materials. In order to reduce costs, to come up with silver ink 5-color printing, according to different points of view can show special effects, this is one of the features.
use this way of printing equipment is: palette, enter the software CD, user guide, metal samples of more than 600 colors, UV and flexo color tables, and so on.
the 5-color printing has applied for a patent, if needed, must be Metal FX company's identity. At present, Tokyo four companies headed by Gu Lin paper company has signed a licensing contract with the company.
3. pursuit of difference of high definition printing
has been talked about more than half of the market is 4 color offset printing plate + 175 line screen, regardless of FMsix MetalFX, all for packaging and printing field and the development of technology.
in the packaging field with 6-colour printing, but not long ago, Japan ink and chemicals released by the FM screen +UV curing mode + 6-color printing has become a protagonist of packaging and printing field.
However, in Japan, in recent years in pursuit of differentiation, or printing of many well-known companies are particularly recommended for high precision printing (highdefinitionprinting). It is with the number more than 300 line screen line printing as a standard, now the mainstream is 400-700 lines per inch, the advantage is to expand the color saturation and improves the color reproduction range.
Proofing must be used for official press to do it. Management on the PS Edition is overexposed.
currently, in Japan its extremely wide range of applications, and popular with users. Reference examples, with high density plate + 200 line screen +4-color offset printing can be used to print morning, steppe.
283 line added network +4 color offset +CTP available to printing falls and the environment scene, 200 line added network +4 color offset + Pearl 2 color offset can used to printing flower, 400 line added network +6 color printing can used to printing high-end furniture and electrical class, 600 line added network +4 color offset can used to printing night, 700 line added network +4 color offset can used to printing views, FM added network +6 color printing can used to printing herb, 1000 line added network +5 color offset can used to printing Buddha or heritage.