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Teach you how to color printing ink

  first preliminary judgment should be based on the original hue of the ink color you want to use, and then apply various color ink, put it in a small deployment of inking stage is. When leveling, should have a principle, that is, becoming part of dark ink in the ink light. Cannot get ink-dark ink added a light because light ink coloring power, if added in dark ink light ink way to deploy, easy to adjust hue and ink transfer more and more often, which is not desirable. When you transferred ink color and the original color, you can use the printed paper after scraping sample, comparison with the originals, such as colored color correct, until it meets the printed artwork. Ink color adjustment difficult to calculate their weight in order to proportionally for mass deployment. If using three primary colors ink level dark ink should be mastering their changes in order to improve the effect of inking. As: three primary colors ink equivalent mixed adjustable, by get of color approximate black; three primary colors ink in the of two species primary colors equivalent or not equivalent temperature adjustable, can get various colors, its hue bias Yu content ratio big of color fruit; three primary colors ink respectively to various proportion mixed adjustable, can get variety complex color; any color ink in the joined black ink, it of lightness must declined that hue variable deep dark. Take part in white ink its lightness increases. Colors and the color ink was made up into three primary colors that are available, but from the leveling to facilitate, as far as possible reduce ink takes into account, you can use original ink allocation of pattern.
in the deployment of complex color ink, should control the color theory, must not take "that add color, add some" try to adjust. Such as light green ink in the blue of the Lake should be blue or peacock blue, should not use the dark blue tone, because the ink-dark blue with red, after accession will result in grey rather than bright colors. Similarly, can't add red dark Huang Mo, green, pale yellow ink should be used. As another example, auxiliary note orange ink, not using rose red ink, because it has blue, made of blue and yellow and green is the complementary color of red, which lack of bright color.
some of the ink color has its unique hue, as the Golden hue is red glow yellow, used for deployment of bright orange will increase the black level. Indian orange color, with orange and yellow ink printing up to brilliant effect, printing and less realistic, rutile and citrine mixing, color printing is much better. As another example, printed in early spring on the green landscape pictures, yellow ink should be used to deploy, can print leaves green and lovely. If we reduce deep Huang Mo, deep yellow ink red in flavor, the complementary color of Red is green, printed out the leaves must be black, cloudy, and does not reflect the breath of spring.