Product classification

Random main Micro Piezo inkjet technology and heat bubble in two categories

thermal bubble jet inkjet printer uses thermal bubble jet technology through the ink heats in a short time, expansion, compression, and formation of ink jet printing on dot, increase the stability of ink color, high speed, high quality print. Due to the outside in addition to the size of the ink droplet, droplets of the consistency and concentration will have a big impact on image quality and ink dots produced at high temperatures and shape are not easily controlled, precise ink control is very important. Principle of thermal bubble ink-jet printing ink is loaded into a very tiny capillaries in the ink through a tiny heating pad rapidly heated to the boiling point. This is a very tiny steam bubbles, steam bubble expansion will put a drop of ink into the capillary tube to the top. Stop heating, cooling ink, causes the steam condenses to contract, so as to stop the flow of ink until the next time to produce steam and generate a drop.
b. Micro-pressure electric technology
micro-pressure electric technology put inkjet process in the of ink drops control is divided into 3 a stage: in inkjet operation Qian, pressure electric components first in signal of control Xia slightly contraction; then, components produced once larger of extends, put ink drops launched nozzle; in ink drops immediately will fly away from nozzle of moments, components and will for contraction, clean neatly to put ink liquid surface from nozzle contraction.
so that droplets have an accurate liquid level control, each time the ink droplets are ejected has the perfect shape and correct direction of flight.
-Micro Piezo inkjet system set the transducer in the ink nozzles, print control signal of the transducer to control ink jet. Based on transducer of piezoelectric micro-Jet system working principle and structure can be divided into: piezoelectric tube type, piezoelectric film, piezoelectric thin-type and other types.
by micro-voltage changes to control ink jet not only avoids the disadvantages of Thermal Bubble Technology and?? Head in the back of the tiny ink reservoirs using a piezoelectric crystal. The Crystal current, will make it to the press. When the current is interrupted, the crystals back at the original location, and drops traces of ink through the nozzles to shoot. When the current recovery, Crystal and backward extension, entered the Jet following a drop of ink ready.
this two species method compared, hot bubble type print head due to ink in high temperature Xia easy occurred chemical changes, nature not stable, so played of color authenticity on will by must degree of effect; on the due to ink is through bubble spray out of, ink particles of directional and volume size bad master, print line edge easy uneven, in must degree Shang effect has print quality, this are is it of insufficient of at. Micro Piezo print head technology is the use of crystals under pressure discharge characteristics of ink out of the stable at normal temperature. The ink control ability, color reduced a lot, dot and no tail, so that the printed image is more clear. Easy to achieve up to 1440dip of high-precision printing quality and Micro Piezo inkjet without heating and the ink was not due to chemical changes in the heat, it greatly reduced the demand for ink. In addition, piezoelectric print heads are fixed to the printer, you only need to replace the ink cartridges can be. Hot bubble-jet printer needs to be installed in each cartridge inkjet nozzle: this will increase the cost of ink cartridges. But the disadvantage of piezoelectric ink jet printer is, if Piezo print head is damaged or blocked, the whole printer needs maintenance.