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Digital Watermarking can do what people who put

  the first digital watermark's concepts and methods is for the copyright protection of multimedia data. With the development of computers and the Internet, more and more works of art, inventions or ideas are expressed in the form of multimedia data, such as with a digital camera, photography, digital movies, listen to music with an MP3 player, computer drawing and so on. All activities involved in the multimedia data contains a wealth of valuable information. And author spent compared to the hardships of these multimedia data, tampering, forgery, duplication and publication of works of authorship in the age of information becomes an easy thing. Anyone can easily create copies of multimedia data, compared with the original data, reproducing multimedia data without any loss of quality, which can be completely "clone" multimedia data. So how to protect data on the attached "intellectual property" is a serious problem. Then the watermark is just solving such "copyright issues" an effective means. Like previous painters use a seal or signature identifying the author of the work, then he can use digital watermarks to add his name to the works to complete the identification of the literary property. Similarly, studios can put the company's name, logo and other information to tape, CD discs published in. By tracking the digital watermark information in multimedia data to the copyright protection of multimedia data.
in addition to the application of copyright protection and digital watermark in documents (print, electronic and other) the authenticity of the certification above also has a lot of uses, for example, issued by the Government red tape, the traditional method of authentication is to identify files paper, seal or stamp of compliance with norms and standards, the disadvantage is that regardless of the paper, seal or stamp is susceptible to forgery. Especially seals, although the Government has strict rules on seal management and production, but there is also a so-called "carved a radish a chapter," said. This traditional method is far from perfect. Use digital watermarking is an effective solution to this problem. Digital Watermarking as an information carrier, adds some information to red tape, making file not only a seal or stamp, and imperceptible digital watermarks, which greatly increases the difficulty of documents was forged. Add a digital watermark to a document, also means that some of the information can be written in the document twice. For example in passports, the passport holder's name is clearly printed, or as digital watermarks hidden in the head, if someone wants to replace the head to forge a passport, then scan the passport it is possible to detect hidden watermark with a picture message and print the name in the Passport does not meet, and found to be counterfeit passports.
in addition digital watermark used for multimedia data access control and copy control. Digital Watermarking information such as secret CD data disc can have conditions of control of who has access to the contents of the CD tray. Hot DVD has the domestic electronics market at present, there are many large companies began to study how the application of improved Digital Watermarking System DVD access and copy control. Like hope consumers hands of DVD play device allows unlimited to copy family video or expired of TV, family video in the by added of digital watermark not containing any control identifies, TV in of digital watermark identifies for "copy once", and "copy times", and commercial of video program is identifies for "not allows copy", related of play equipment will on these digital watermark identifies for discriminant and up corresponding role. This ensures the consumers freedom of private copying, the exchange of programmes, and effective control of the business on the violations. All solutions are formed, is the solution to the problem of safety, effectiveness, simplicity needs further tests, to DVD manufacturers and users is temporarily unavailable.
digital watermark technique can also be applied to the information security of communications. Because it is hard to be aware of digital watermarking in multimedia data, some important information in the process of transmission of multimedia data can be hidden in plain, thus avoiding wiretapping and monitoring of third parties. Foreign newspaper reports of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden took advantage of the publicly available digital watermarking technology, will give Al-Qaida instructions through digital watermarking in digital photos, and then posted on the Web site-BBS, Al-Qaida members according to agreed rules to extract digital watermark information in digital photos. This practice and ordinary telephone communication, e-mail communications, as well as encrypted communication compared to covert high, is not easy to monitor, and difficult to detect.

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