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Bottleneck in printing profiles

  introduction to printing
bottle-necked size determines the speed of liquid outflow, bottlenecks in the production process are restricted the output speed of the entire process. Bottlenecks in the process not only limits the output speed of a process, but also other aspects of productive play. In some cases, it may be due to lack of manpower, raw materials cannot be in place in time, block a link device fails, information flow and other factors, are likely to become a production bottleneck.
such as the trend of packing printing enterprise, which has special requirements for printing substrate range, many companies are subject to the restrictions in this regard, see printing market last cake was divided and powerless.
spell the large version also become hot words in print, made available for saving material and shorten printing time, determining a reasonable amount of printing, printing production process a vital link, which is currently more than medium size presses are sought after and one of the reasons for selling. Breaking the substrate thickness and width restriction is a prerequisite for further development of printing enterprises.
in the current economic environment, print quotes constantly low and wages rising in sharp contrast, printing enterprises to survive and grow only enhance the level of automation to improve production efficiency, such as printer speed is a problem that must not be ignored, printer speed 16,000 ~1.8 million pieces/hour with 10,000/hour are two distinct efficiencies.
computer print control system, used for presetting the inking, remote-controlled Mexican registration, remote control and monitoring print quality-a scalable system. This system is inking cpcl and register control device, printing quality control device cpc2, printing an image reading device cpc3, alignment control device cpc5 cpc4, data management system, application of the control system will greatly shorten standby time, improve production efficiency, which is impossible to ignore the problem.
bottleneck process determines the maximum capacity, in 100 links, as long as there is a link for inefficient, then the rest of 99 steps behind in efforts might not solve the problem. Therefore, seize the bottleneck process cycle time, continuously improve, is to enhance the efficiency of the most important magic weapon.