About Us

  Guangzhou Cheng Cheung printing limited is to packaging mainly of a packaging company, and Hou expanded scale, and for better of service customer, and less let customer Rao detours, and less money, and save more of time for target, I company heavily build one-stop service, and 2005 began has introduced number Taiwan printing imports equipment, and and the printing early of design department. now has became a: design, and printing, and late binding, for one of integrated formalized printing service institutions, this company established years, in to integrity for this, and Quality is the root, and cherish customer as cherish their business philosophy, and establish a good reputation in the community, by the majority of customers trust.
main bearing Guangzhou Cheng Cheung printing, and Guangzhou printing, and Guangzhou printing factory, and Guangzhou printing company, and Guangzhou printing, and Guangzhou printing design company, and Guangzhou album printing, and Guangzhou packaging printing, and Guangzhou color printing, and Guangzhou envelope printing, and Guangzhou sample printing, and Guangzhou publicity book printing, and Guangzhou poster printing, and Guangzhou packaging box printing, and Guangzhou carton printing, and Guangzhou mobile bags printing received design printing:
Enterprise image album, and products manual, and floor book, and calendar, and calendar, and poster poster, and mobile bags, and packaging bags, and Packaging,
discs, hardcover books, periodicals, bid documents, folders, notebooks, black and white printing, carbonless, envelopes, stationery and other printed materials.
we to pursuit fashion;
we to unique style;
we to constantly innovation;
we to highlight features;
service commitment:
Guangzhou Cheng Cheung printing limited real do a station type service, and let you worry, and assured, and seriously completed you make we of each to task, as of quality not as of service, and as of service not as of quality. " Give us your ideal choice .  to better improve our service, as well as dedicated customer complaints, as long as we have any service leads to customer dissatisfaction, you can call our telephone our complaints officer will help you solve the problem the first time, ask the customer to monitor.